Want to be strong and flexible again? At age 65 a serious injury to my hip left me limping and in pain 24/7.  Once the crisis was past I had lost a great deal of strength, balance, and flexibility. My spirits and outlook were suffering. And then a miracle occurred. I met Theresa Scully and started personal Pilates training with her. Muscles that had forgotten how to work without pain are now ready to handle hours of gardening, days of travel, and playtime with two grandchildren. Now I’m 66 and I feel strong and alive and full of energy. Theresa’s knowledge of Pilates and the human body is exceptional. I am sometimes near tears in gratitude because she brought me back to the person I want to be. If you want to own your own health and well-being, this is the place to restore and reinvigorate. 

                                   - Wende Wilson, Jacksonville

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The Mission of Arch Pilates & Physical Therapy is to teach "Every Body" of all fitness levels and age groups Pilates exercises and biomechanics to enhance physical movement and appearance.

What is Pilates?

The basis of the Pilates Method is core strengthening, utilizing nine principles that connect the mind, body, and spirit.  The principles are:Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Balanced Muscle Movement, Rhythm and Flow, Whole Body Movement, and Relaxation.  Pilates exercises will strengthen your abdominals and back, improve balance, increase coordination, and decrease stress mentally and physically.  Strength and stability along with body awareness and mental focus enables the body to move with efficient neuromuscular control. This optimal neuromuscular control carries over to all movements in life. Thus, it is a Movement System that is physically restorative for physical therapy candidates and fitness candidates alike!!


As a physical therapist and Pilates instructor I have melded the best of both worlds to provide comprehensive therapeutic exercise programs beneficial to all ages, fitness levels, and physical limitations.  The following are just some of the benefits.

  • Including Pilates in your sports training will improve your performance, increase speed and agility, improve endurance, prevent injuries, and decrease recovery time. Gaining body awareness, mental focus and concentration, helps keep your mind in the game.
  • Integrating Pilates training with physical rehabilitation addresses the body as a whole, recognizing that optimal recovery from surgery, an injury, or chronic pain is based not only on natural healing time, but also on proper joint function, and muscle balance.
  • Pilates is an excellent fitness routine that is non-stressful to the joints, but powerful enough to strengthen and tone trouble spots as movements are precise and targeted to specific muscle groups. Not to mention, the abdominals are working the full hour! 
  • Prenatal clients will enjoy spinal flexibility, leg strength, hip flexibility, core strength, energy, and pelvic floor tone. Study's show that active pregnant mom's have easier deliveries and  speedy recovery to pre-baby physique.
  • For seniors living active lifestyles, Pilates offers an excellent method to maintain bone density, muscle flexibility, joint integrity, and overall balance and coordination.  Safety and function during daily activities is enhanced with improved posture, body awareness, upright balance, and efficient and controlled movement.