Babywearing Pilates @ the Barre

Wear your baby in this Mommy n Me Pilates at the Barre class. Half Mommy 'n Me Mat Pilates and half Pilates at the Barre while wearing your baby. Carrier must allow for proper squatting, knee bends, and leg kicks. Bring a rattle or toy to add visual stimulation and baby interaction. Baby blanket recommended. Babies 6 weeks to 16 weeks are welcome.

Pre/Post-natal Pilates

Emphasis on toning the pelvic girdle, opening the hip joints, and strengthening of the legs and arms in preparation for caring for your little one. Exercises will be modified based on your trimester. Instruction on


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Mixed Level Mat Pilates

All levels welcome. Exercises are taught in a manner to build basics upon intermediate movement. The beginner level taught first with modifications, and then intermediate movements included for those who are ready and choose to advance to the next level. Therefore beginners to intermediate are welcome to attend and build core strength, arm strength, leg strength, and body symmetry.

Beginner Mat Pilates

Pilates principles, breathing techniques, and Pilates movement basics explored in this class. Pace is slow and controlled with emphasis on proper postural alignment and execution. Full body workout includes core strengthening, leg toning,  arm strengthening, and flexibility. Modifications and advanced movements included.

Pilates Barre

This is a fun and cardiovascular routine that includes Ballet Basics at the Barre included plies and kicks. Emphasis is lower body strengthening, gluteus toning, and postural management through entire workout. Small props included for arm toning and leg toning. Occasional small apparatus included to keep your body guessing!

Parent n Me

This class if for the active  1-4 year old and the fitness minded parent! The class is a circuit style Pilates class that develops gross motor skills for the child and holds for a great leg and arm workout for the parent. Core strengthening is always present to help children with trunk control and develop a nice core for the parent!

proper body mechanics and self-treatment of

postural faults that cause the aches and pains of pregnancy and

post-pregnancy are included.

Bendy Bodies

Yoga/Pilates for boys and girls. Classes split into age groups. Preschool and ages 4/5-8/9.  Exercises have fun names attached to them. Imaginative role playing and story telling gets there bodies moving and bending as they practice postures like tree, dog, cat, cow, and turtle. Breathing exercises such as bunny breathing and ducky breathing will help children with calming techniques and lung capacity. Core strengthening will also help children with balance, agility, and coordination. If your child is transitioning from Mommy 'n Me into Preschool Bendy Bodies, you can take the class to assist with the transition without a fee!

Pilates Apparatus Sessions - Scheduled as Private, Semi-private, or Group
Pilates apparatus were designed to resist and/or assist clients through flexibility and strengthening exercises that may be too difficult on the mat or not challenging enough. A private or semi-private (group of 2-3 students) studio session may include all 4 apparatus or only 1 apparatus depending on the client or patient’s needs. Group Reformer sessions of up to 5 students are offered as a scheduled class.

The Reformer is the most popular apparatus and is good for creating resistance for the arms and legs, as well as controlled movements of the spine. It is much like a moving bed with pulleys and springs to add progressive resistance or controlled stretching. The repertoire is vast, and there are many exercises available.

The Cadillac is the biggest piece of Pilates apparatus and very helpful for clients unable to get down and up off of the floor for mat work. Springs and bars are assistive for difficult abdominal exercises such as the well-known Teaser, but also adds strength training for the arms and legs familiar to traditional gym equipment.

The Ladder Barrel is best used for stretching the spine and hips in all directions. Sitting on the ladder barrel with the feet hooked under the ladder adds a nice twist to abdominal crunches. Advanced and super-advanced exercises parallel exercises on the pommel horse in gymnastics.

Small apparatus add an extra kick to mat exercises, but also assist in connecting the mind to the body when attempting to achieve proper alignment. They include the small ball, the Pilates ring, the physio ball, exercise tubing, the foam roller, and Core Body Reformer.

Pilates Therapy
Scheduled by appointment only. Session guided by a licensed physical therapist.This is a session appropriate for those discharged from injury in physical therapy or chiropractic care. Also, a good starting place for those bodies with chronic pain and movement issues. Begins with a thorough screening of past medical history and diagnostic exams.  The Pilates therapy evaluation consists of comprehensive testing of active/passive range of motion, muscle flexibility, muscle strength, joint integrity, postural alignment, orthopedic special testing, and other applicable analyses. A plan of care is developed to treat your pain and dysfunction utilizing various physical therapy interventions such as manual therapy, myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and kinesiology taping. Movement correction is administered through training on Pilates apparatus, Pilates theories, Movement Integration, and Kinesiology.

Physical Therapy is available on a non-insurance based payment system. Auto insurance accepted with appropriate claim information.

A La Carte Services - scheduled by appointment only
Manual Therapy: Myofascial release, trigger point release, strain/counterstrain, joint mobilizations performed by a physical therapist to decrease tissue and joint tightness.
Kinesiology Taping: Taping to assist, inhibit, or release muscle and joint pain and dysfunction.

Addition of A la cart services to a private session will be adjusted with a 10% discount.